Get to the Aeolian Islands and stop in Milazzo… all its secrets!

Get to the Aeolian Islands and stop in Milazzo… all its secrets!

Written by: Debora September 6, 2016

Are you waiting for your ferry to the Aeolian Islands?

It's the right moment to visit Milazzo! Here you are some advice to discover Milazzo, its treasures and its most beautiful beaches.  We asked Debora, our local tour guide to reveal us all the secrets of this beautiful city. Happy reading!  

The Aeolian Islands, included in the World Heritage List of Unesco, are the best places to relax and enjoy your holidays among their wild nature. The soil is volcanic and each island is different and unique.

At the front of this incredible archipelago situated in the north of Sicily, you can find a lovely town named Milazzo. Milazzo is a fishing village you cannot miss! In the past, the economy of the town was based on fishing, especially tuna. For this reason, along the coast there were some “tonnare” (tuna fisheries). Nowadays, in the early morning you can find some fishermen selling fresh fish as their ancestors did in the past.

The most beautiful beaches in Milazzo

Milazzo is a strip of land among two gulfs, the gulf of Milazzo and the one of Patti. The town is completely surrounded by sea and boasts natural beautiful beaches.

  • The west coast, called “Ponente”, hosts several lidos, but it is mostly a public beach, long and pebbly, where you can find some showers freely available to remove the salt from your skin and refresh you during the hottest hours of the day.
  • At the end of the beach, there is a magic place called “Baia del Tono”, where you can lie down and enjoy the crystal water and a beautiful seabed.
  • Another incredible place you can’t miss is the area of the lakes of Venus, natural waterholes in the rocks: because of the small quantity of water, the sun manages to heat it so that these little pools seem to become thermal baths.
  • If you arrive by boat, you need to visit all the small coves surrounding the coast and dive into the clear water. If you like snorkelling, put on your mask and flippers and admire the marine life. I recommend that you visit “Il Covo degli Dei”.


Discover the city centre of Milazzo and its castle, the biggest in Sicily

Milazzo was awarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy for 2016-2017! 

The centre of the town is nice, there are a lot of shops open during the day, and in the evening there are pubs and pizzerias available. In summer time, they also play music next to a pleasant promenade.

Another beautiful part of the town is the ancient one, called Borgo, where the castle stands. This is a fortified town perfectly visible from each part of the city. The Castle of Milazzo is the biggest in Sicily and there are different buildings inside its walls: the old cathedral, the Benedictine monastery and the keep.

If you face the front of the castle, go left and then on the right you will see a street going up: follow it and turn left. From there, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the castle and the Aeolian Islands. You will also see some stairs: climb up them carefully, and you will find yourselves in the area called Fortino which, as you will see, was a military fort. From this position, you can see the city centre and also understand that Milazzo is a strip of land surrounded by two seas.

Proceeding to the top of the town, you will reach the natural area called “Capo Milazzo”, from where you can admire a beautiful sea view and all the anchored boats in the bay. There is a staircase on the left of the roundabout, walk downstairs and enter the little church of Saint Anthony, which is interesting to see because it is carved out of rock.

Where to eat in Milazzo: the best fish restaurants

Last but not suggestions for a special dinner in Milazzo: Totò passami l’olio, Trattoria da Filippo, Al Bagatto and Pescheria Caravello. All these restaurants are places for local people. If you want to end with a delicious Sicilian granita, read our Uncover the best granita in Sicily with US!

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