Ragusa and its surroundings

Ragusa and its surroundings

One must be intelligent to come to Ibla. I agree that it is a crude discrimination and not to the advantage of local tourism. The fact is that it calls for a certain type of spirit, the capacity to appreciate silent, ardent stonework, blind alleys, pointless twists and turns, black eyes spying behind sealed shutters…

Gesualdo Bufalino, La luce e il lutto

Ragusa earned the name of UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its Baroque heritage. This city hides a very long history that is shown not only by both prehistoric necropolis and paleochristian catacombs but also by its medieval ruins, that are part of its baroque dwellings and churches. However, the contemporary history of Ragusa is quite charming as well. Many prestigious representatives of the early 20th-century architecture have contributed to the artistic decoration of the city. For instance, Ernesto Lapadula e Ugo Tarchi, just to mention a few, left their signatures on the most important buildings in Ragusa.

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