Modica and its surroundings

Modica and its surroundings

I was young and happy during summer 1951. Not the summer before or the summer after that. Only that summer. Maybe it was due to the place I was living in. A town similar to a broken pomegranate. It was near the seaside but rural; one half was condensed on a rocky spur, the other half was spread at the feet of the rocky spur. There were numerous stairs between the two halves, like numerous peacekeepers. And clouds in the sky that moved from a campanile to the other… Gesualdo Bufalino, Argo il cieco

Modica, whose county was the capital of one of the most important feudal states of southern Italy, was born on the sides of two narrow valleys. Its twine of restricted alleys discloses wonderful Baroque buildings and churches, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The territory of Modica rises in a geographical landscape whose beauty is more than rare. It is characteirsed by deep canyons that influence the calcareous Hyblaean plateau. Therefore, Modica will strike your imagination by virtue of its different landscapes, monuments and traditional delicacies. All these elements are the result of a long historical process that began in prehistory. 

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