Ispica and Cava d'Ispica

Ispica and Cava d'Ispica

Once back to Spaccaforno, I went to see the treasure of the town… the famous Cava d’Ispica

Jean Houel, Voyage pittoresque des isles de Sicile, de Malta et de Lipari

The white calcareous stone is the absolute protagonist of the history of Cava Ispica. Prehistoric rock-cut tombsPaleochristian catacombsrocky churches and troglodytical dwellings were all dug by human beings starting from the 2nd millennium BC. They create a particular landscape made of empty and full spaces that fill an undoubtedly valuable natural canyon. 

Ispica is deep at the heart of Noto Valley. It was built ex-novo in its present territory after 1693 earthquake. The wonderful façades of Baroque churches and the prospects of liberty buildings stand out among the streets, which follow a regular structure, of the small city centre. An undisputed masterpiece by Ernesto Basile is among these monuments. Not too far away from the new town, you can visit Parco Forza where you can admire the remains of ancient Spaccaforno by walking among a particularly beautiful natural landscape.

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