Nebrodi Mountains Park

Nebrodi Mountains Park

Nebrodi Park is the biggest protected area in Sicily. It is 200.000 hectares wide and it extends in the north-eastern Sicily between the Madonie and the Peloritani Mountains. Greeks used to call them “the land of roe deers” from which the name “nebrodi” (“nebrodi” from Greek “nebros” which means roe deer). Arabs, instead, called Nebrodi “the land of woods”, the “vallis nemorum” from which the name Valdemone. This park, which is considered as the green lung of Sicily, represents an enchanting territory that softly slopes towards the sea from its 2000 meter high mountain pastures. Many thematic paths are built around the area (natural, ethnographic, and historical-artistic paths). They let even the most demanding traveller discover one of the most enchanting places in the region. 

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