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On the Hyblaean Plateau between Pantalica and Buscemi

The deep cliffs of the plateau of Pantalica rise between the Anapo River and the Calcinara Torrent. Its white calcareous surfaces are broken by the darkness of nearly 4000 artificial rock-cut tombs that were excavated between the 13th and 8th century BC. The site was also inhabited during the Paleochristian and Byzantine Ages as it is shown by the numerous catacombs and rupestrian churches that were built along the crags of its massif.

Our private day tour will continue in Buscemi, whose buildings overlook the Anapo Valley. This small town represents an important ensemble of Baroque architecture and agricultural traditions among the Hyblaean heights. Furthermore, it developed among the ruins of a 16th-century chateau and the fascinating façades of the churches built after the 1693 earthquake. Buscemi may be considered as a sort of “museum town” in which houses, small shops, palmenti (places where grapes are trodden) and olive oil mills still reverberate a secular economy based on agriculture and sheep farming.

  • Also available in Spanish and French
  • Duration 8 hours
  • Price per group from € 350.00


The above-mentioned price does not include transport to and from the location.
The above-mentioned price does not include the entrance ticket to the monuments and the museums, where required.