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From Catania's Streets to Orange Groves

A Journey through Sicilian Street Food and Artisan Liqueurs


You will embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant city of Catania, where Sicilian food culture comes alive. Sicilians have always used food as a means of expressing their rich history, diverse cultural influences, and love for their land. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or simply have a curious palate, this private tour is made to satisfy the cravings for knowledge and flavor.

Catania, known as the "black city" due to its unique lava stone architecture, holds the esteemed UNESCO World Heritage status and captivates visitors with its architectural marvels.

Your food&wine tour begins at Piazza Stesicoro, where the impressive Roman amphitheater reminds us of Catania's ancient heritage. As you stroll through the historic center, your guide and food expert will lead you to the vibrant markets, including the celebrated “Fera o' Luni” or the lively Fish Market “Piscaria”. You will have the opportunity to savor some of the region's street food delicacies, such as the iconic "arancino" and the lesser-known, yet delectable "cipollina" – a pastry filled with tomato sauce, fresh onion, and cheese. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere, interact with local vendors, and delve into fascinating stories about Sicilian cuisine and street food culture. We will also unveil a hidden gem in the heart of the city – an underground lava tunnel. Here, you will be treated to a quintessential Sicilian delight: the refreshing and flavorful "granita". Indulge in this icy delicacy, and you will uncover the surprising connection between the tunnel and the world of Sicilian cuisine.

Your culinary journey will extend beyond the city limits, taking you to a picturesque orange farm nestled in the countryside of Catania. You will visit an orange farm that produces special "amari", traditional Sicilian digestive liqueurs. You will walk among fragrant orange groves, learn about the history and unique qualities of the renowned Blood Oranges, and witness the distillation process firsthand. The day will end with a delightful Sicilian pastry tasting, paired with the farm's exquisite digestive liqueurs.

  • Duration 5 hours
  • Price per person from € 160.00


The above-mentioned price does not include transport to and from the location.
The above-mentioned price does not include the entrance ticket to the monuments and the museums, where required.
The activity must be booked at least a week in advance.