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Archaeological Park of Leontinoi and Castellaccio Archaeological Park

Leontinoi, established by Greeks in the 8th century BC., had a very important role in the dynamics of struggles between Greeks and natives and among Greeks themselves.

Our cultural private tour will take you back in time, visiting the archaelogical area of Leontinoi, silent witness of the history of this proud, rich and bellicose city.

The escorted tour will go then in the Archaelogical Park of “Castellaccio”, which is a fortress built up by the architect Riccardo da Lentini for the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. The castle was impregnable and it was destroyed just because of the 1693 earthquake. Our archaeological tour will show you where Notaro Jacopo from Lentini, member of the Emperor’s entourage, invented sonnet and started Sicilian poetry, which is considered the Italian language’s incunabulum.

  • Also available in Spanish and French
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Price per group from € 180.00


The above-mentioned price does not include transport to and from the location.
The above-mentioned price does not include the entrance ticket to the monuments and the museums, where required.