Uncovered Sicily... an experience to share with us


Who will guide you in Sicily? Our team of Ph.D. and MA-level archaeologists, art historians and "food&wine" experts, all Licensed Tour Guides


Our Strengths

Passion - Passion makes the difference... Can you imagine a trip supported by local scholars filled with passion for their native land? Nothing better to satisfy your curiosity and keep in touch with the real Sicily.

Human Touch - The best travel companions... We are a young, energetic, professional, and caring team eager to please our guests with special experiences for lasting memories.  For this reason, we prefer to lead small groups of travellers with a maximum of 20 people. As you travel Sicily, we'll introduce you to locals, and you will feel the warmth and hospitality of Sicily, and its people.

Expertise - We offer a collective expertise acquired through our academic research and high-grade studies... Our skills are at your disposal to make you aware of what is often inaccessible to an ordinary visitor: our aim is to enable you to read between the lines of our artistic treasures and monuments.

Joy - Uncovering Sicily: a really joyful experience... Joyful will be the immersion into an unexpected world, which will soon become familiar. Joyful will be also the uncovering of an immeasurable heritage of nature, art, history and folklore which lies in Sicily, but belongs to everyone.


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