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Before moving to Sicily, my eyes were closed. While I had cooked professionally in the United States for ten years and spent another decade as a winemaker in California, I had barely scratched the surface of what flavor really is, or where it comes from, and how we interact with it on a personal level. It's true, flavors can be attributed to the spices we use and how we treat the ingredients, but the story of flavor is a lot bigger than that. The enogastronomic history of Sicilian food and wine is like no other. For millennia, the fertile Mediterranean island has served as a trading post for the advancement of western civilization. After hundreds of generations of perpetual farming, Sicily has arrived at a moment of calm reflection. What we see in the countryside, wine cellars, markets, and restaurants is a mosaic of the most delicious and expressive foods the world has ever known. What do you want to taste?


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    Food&Wine Specialist
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