Ciao! I am Davide, a Biologist with a great deal of varied experience. Welcome to my Sicilian world! A world of nature, plants, wildlife and landscapes – a rich tapestry woven with the myths, legends, wand old-wives’ tales of my childhood. To relax I enjoy walking, yoga, cooking, reading and listening to jazz. I love playing music too; I recently started playing the trumpet at the ripe old age of 33! But my passion is my land and I invite you to share it with me.


Additional Info

  • Biologist
  • Italian, English
    • MA in Biological Sciences
    • Postgraduate Master in Marine Biology
    • PhD in Ecology

Reviews for Davide

Trek up the Misericordia canyon with Uncovered Sicily
On the 29 May we assembled in a small lane leading off the mountain road from Chiaramonte to Ragusa. We were to walk the Misericordia and then somehow cut across country and up to Ragusa Iblea. It was a six hour hike in temperatures in the low thirties. Misericordia Canyon is an incredible part forested, part open rocky steep canyon. We stopped frequently to learn about the geology, botany and history of the area. Some of us crawled into the cave of the Giant who keeps treasure in the back of the cave. We visited the old monastery, and were entertained with stories of randy old monks from thousands of years ago. Finally after fording a stream and climbing old stone donkey tracks we suddenly popped into the centre of Ragusa Ibla. A very worthwhile informative and entertaining trek. The only other people we saw in 6 hours was a small gaggle of giggly girl guides looking for the giants cave. Our tour leader Davide couldn’t have put more energy and expertise and knowledge into the trek.
davidwenman- 30/05/2016