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Architect and aesthete, I am a cosmopolitan Sicilian who is deeply attached to his land and curious about other cultures. I have a PhD in Management of Cultural Heritage and I’m an expert in the World Heritage sites of Sicily. Most importantly, I am an enthusiastic promoter of this amazing island, by encouraging the re-appropriation of the Sicilian people and helping travellers to understand our land. In particular, my aim is to allow people to experience Sicily as the Grand Tourers did by showing them the bizarre side of Sicily; both the most and the least known aspects; the eccentric figures (aristocrats, entrepreneurs and intellectuals) and the stunning landmarks, from the Baroque Age up to today.


Additional Info

  • Architect
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Italian, English, Spanish
    • MSc in Architecture
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Architecture
    • PhD in Management of Cultural Heritage

Reviews for Giorgio

We spent a day and a half with Giorgio. He knew that we were into food/wine so that he arranged a Marsala tasting for us while we were in Marsala at an excellent café. This was not planned and much appreciated. Another passionate person and a love to be with.
firstclass-TRIP- 14/07/2018
Tour of historical sites in the Palermo region -- a highlight of our Sicily trip!
Our full-day tour of historical sites in the Palermo region was great! Our guide Giorgio was knowledgable, kind, and relaxed, happy to tell us about anything we were interested in. We began with the prehistoric site of the Grotte del Gurfa, then the Greek site of Himera. We then had a lovely lunch with the best antipasto we had in Sicily in the town of Caccamo, where we finished the tour with the stunning medieval castle. Giorgio was a fantastic guide. With a degree in architecture and a PhD in cultural history, Giorgio was able to tell us both what was known about a site and about the multiple theories for sites where aspects of the history were not known. Everyone in our multi-generational group of 9 was impressed, and thought that this tour was a highlight of our visit to Sicily.
155catherine- 27/12/2017